McLaughlin’s opponent has been silent for 20 days, since McLaughlin wrote to her, without responding to serious allegations that the biggest contributor to her campaign covered up a sexual misconduct scandal against two females


Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C-Melrose) earlier this month wrote to his opponent and ask that she publicly pledge to not accept monetary or in-kind resources from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in light of his decision to misuse taxpayer dollars while covering up the latest Albany scandal. Now 20 days have elapsed with no response to McLaughlin’s letter and no position on this latestAlbany scandal. McLaughlin reiterated his outrage that Silver used $105,000 in taxpayer dollars as “hush money” in an effort to cover up a sexual misconduct scandal alleged by two females and is shocked that his opponent, a female, has been silent.

“I’m deeply concerned by Mr. Silver’s actions and lack of judgment when he, behind closed doors, used his leadership role to spend taxpayer money to pay off these innocent female victims due to Mr. Lopez’s alleged pre-mediated sexual misconduct,” said McLaughlin. “The fact that my opponent, a female candidate, has not condemned the behavior of both Speaker Silver and Mr. Lopez is simply stunning. I publicly ask her again: what is your position on this scandal and how Mr. Silver handled it, and what are your intentions for financial support of your campaign: will you accept campaign funds from a corrupt Speaker? Silence is not an option: the people of our district deserve as much decency and respect from you.” 

McLaughlin noted that his opponent did issue a blanket and tepid response on her website calling for a full investigation, but did not once mention the misuse of taxpayer dollars or denounce either Mr. Lopez or Mr. Silver for their blatant inappropriate actions. McLaughlin questioned why his opponent would say an investigation is needed when Silver has already admitted his role in the cover up.

“My opponent needs to answer whether or not her campaign will be funded by Mr. Silver, who has now three times that we know of, circumvented the criminal justice system and paid hush money to cover up for his corrupt colleagues. She also needs to publicly acknowledge whether or not she will support Sheldon Silver as Speaker. Should my opponent accept campaign funds from Mr. Silver, she’ll really show the people of Upstate New York who her friends are, and that she seeks nothing more than to be part of the corrupt Albany crowd.”

Mr. Silver’s actions, McLaughlin noted, are precisely what he and Governor Cuomo and have been trying to rid Albany of over the last two years. McLaughlin insisted the public cannot support lawmakers or leaders in the state legislature – regardless of party – who deceive middle-class families, small businesses and the image of our great state. McLaughlin reiterated that all New Yorkers should support good government and honest legislators that work as employees for the people.

“My opponent’s acceptance of either funding or in-kind contributions from either Speaker Silver or the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee will signal to the people of this district that, should she be elected, she will say nothing in the face of public corruption, just as she has said nothing thus far,” concluded McLaughlin.


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