Dear Fellow Republicans;

I hope this letter finds you well and on your way to victory on November 4th if you are running for election or reelection.  Throughout the country this looks like a strong Republican year and all of us should achieve the same success.  That includes our outstanding candidate for Governor, Rob Astorino, and that is why I’m writing you today.

My intention is not to upset or offend any of my colleagues receiving this letter, but simply to point out issues that concern me greatly. Issues that I think many of you will agree with me on.

I grow more troubled every day by many colleagues, in federal, state or local government openly supporting Cuomo. This is a Governor that:

  1. Is under investigation by a U.S. Attorney for corrupting his own anti-corruption commission. Are indictments imminent?
  2. Continues to destroy our children’s future by proceeding with Common Core.
  3. Has declared war on the GOP and states openly his intent to flip the Senate to Democrat control. That is of course when he isn’t promising exactly the opposite to the GOP. The reality is he can’t be trusted by either side.
  4. Consistently acts in a threatening, thuggish, arrogant manner.
  5. Stated that conservatives “have no place in the state of New York.” So much for “We are one New York.”
  6. Has made extensive promises to the Working Families Party in return for their endorsement; promises that would further devastate New York if enacted.
  7. Attacked the law abiding citizens of New York with the SAFE Act for his own political gain. He was aided in this by the Senate when there was no debate on the bill. For the record, it is beyond unacceptable to not debate a bill of this magnitude. It is, in fact, unconscionable.
  8. Refuses to even comment on a dangerous Democrat bill that would, among other things, give illegal aliens the right to vote and run for office in New York.
  9. Is too cowardly to make a decision on natural gas extraction in New York. While other states prosper, he lets New York suffer costing at minimum 25,000 jobs.
  10. After four years in office, still has New York (especially upstate), in rapid decline.
  11. Rules rather than governs this state.
  12. Hides like a coward and refuses to debate.
  13. Is so fiscally incompetent that he’s building a $4 billion dollar bridge with no financial plan to pay for it other than massive toll increases.

There’s more of course but that’s plenty for now.

Yet, despite all this and so much more, many of you appear in public with him and sing his praises. Many of you seek his endorsement.

 My message to you today is simple. Step up and be counted.

I’m asking you to support Rob Astorino as I have and to financially support his campaign. I have pledged $1,000 dollars to Rob and have spent countless hours helping his campaign. For me and my campaign, that is a sizeable amount of money. There are those in state government with hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign accounts with no opponent yet you’ve not contributed to Rob? I’m asking you to support Rob and give generously.  For example, if each GOP Senator gave $5,000 it would send a strong message of support. I’m asking my Assembly colleagues to financially support Rob as well to whatever level they can reasonably afford.

Many of you reading this letter will know that it does not apply to you as you’ve been supportive of Rob Astorino, Chris Moss, John Cahill and Bob Antonacci. If that is the case, thank you and please keep it up right through the election.  But, for many of you reading this letter, you’ll be offended because it absolutely applies to you. If that is the case, you have a decision to make. Do you support this corrupt Governor or do you do the right thing and stand with Rob Astorino?

The entire candidacy of Andrew Cuomo is based on trying to convince people that they do not see what they absolutely see happening before their eyes. Like the Wizard of Oz, when you pull back the curtain on Andrew Cuomo, there is nothing there but an angry, intolerant man incapable of leading NY back to greatness.  Rob Astorino can bring New York back.

This election is about what New York wants and what New York will be. Do the people of New York want to continue to see this great state decline or do they want New York to once again be the Empire State? Will New York continue to be one of the least friendly states to do business or will we change policies and begin to grow again? Will the Republican political leaders of New York step up and support an outstanding candidate in Rob Astorino or will they support the corruption and failed policies of Andrew Cuomo.

I’m asking you to support Rob. It’s your choice. I know where I stand.



Assemblyman Steven F. McLaughlin

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