Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I-Melrose), a long-time advocate for middle- class tax relief, was pleased to see that the state budget includes a form of tax relief for middle-class families, but is disappointed in the implementation. 

“The proposed $350 tax rebate is obviously a welcome program that will help our struggling middle-class families, but it’s also extremely short sighted when you consider that seniors, singles, couples without kids or with children in college will not be eligible for the tax rebate. Instead of bribing New Yorkers with their own money in the form of a one-time check at election time, it would have made more sense to not take the money in the first place, cut the tax rate, or fund our schools properly and ensure that our hard-working families and future generations stay here in New York,” said McLaughlin. “Sadly, at the same time we are giving out tax rebate checks, we are extending the 18-A energy tax on our families and businesses, even though it was scheduled to end. This energy tax is both hidden and regressive and it is extremely disingenuous to promote a tax rebate while extending other taxes.” 

Assemblyman McLaughlin represents the 107th district, which consists of parts of Rensselaer, Columbia and Washington counties. For more information, please visit Assemblyman McLaughlin’s official website.


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