Dems intent on confiscation, registration, microstamping, according to wish list

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I-Melrose) today revealed a 15-point anti-Second Amendment wish list that Democrats lobbied to be included in the final New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (NY SAFE) Act. McLaughlin called the list the "second phase" of a gun-grab agenda targeting responsible firearm owners that downstate politicians have been supporting for years. 

**Click here to see the Democrat Proposals for the NY SAFE Act**

“First the new gun-control bill made criminals out of law-abiding New Yorkers. And the radical, anti-Second Amendment proposals outlined in this wish list suggest the second phase of the plan: confiscation,” said McLaughlin. “When downstate politicians criminalize responsible gun ownership, they only empower criminals.” 

Highlights from the anti-Second Amendment wish list include:

  • confiscation of all firearms labeled "assault weapons"
  • statewide firearms registry
  • microstamping of all guns in New YorkState
  • individual possession and purchase limits on firearms, ammunition

McLaughlin also noted that several recent pieces of legislation include provisions found in the wish list: S1422 (2013), S572 (2013), S1572 (2013), S1804 (2013), A4025 (2011-12), A6774 (2011-12) and S3341 (2011-12).

“As a dad, my heart goes out to those families victimized by senseless violence. This is a time for all New Yorkers to come together to find solutions to the tragic loss of life in Newtown, Webster and elsewhere,” said McLaughlin. “Governor Cuomo said he wanted to move forward ‘intelligently’ and ‘prudently.’ Responsible gun owners must be part of this conversation, not the debate's scapegoat.

“The wish list hatched by downstate politicians and pushed by their allies in Albany ignores the criminal gun trafficking which brings illegal firearms into New York and turns a blind eye to the social disorganization and family breakdown spawning new criminals and destroying communities across the Empire State.”

Assemblyman McLaughlin represents the 107th District, which consists of parts of RensselaerColumbia and Washington counties. For more information, please visit Assemblyman McLaughlin’s official website.


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commented 2013-03-09 15:51:58 -0500 · Flag
Best we can do is, not just not buy hunting licenses, but think of all the revenue from clothing sales. Stay away form malls, Walmart, etc. Computer & electronics, Auto sales: each brand new vehicle bring between $1600- 4000 per vehicle. 11% hotel stay goes directly to NYS solely. 9% of every hospitalization to NYS. Gas, cigarettes, alcohol have high state as well as federal taxes. Stop buying liquor, kick the nicotine habit, or buy cigarettes from reservations. Buy gas at reservations if at all possible. Stop buying lottery tickets, and stop visiting the casino’s. They suck you in with free food, and free drinks, but that is to keep you playing. They make back well more than that 50 cent Cola they poured for you. Coffee keeps you awake, and wanting to play faster. So, STAY AWAY! Just Say NO! Paper goods, plates, toilet paper, facial tissue, buy outside NY, or order from the internet. Think of sales of ink for printers alone. Phones? Got a home & cell? Consider eliminating one, or the other. Go of grid if you can, or as much as possible. In other words, “Starve the beast.”
commented 2013-03-09 15:40:53 -0500 · Flag
What he means by come together is, “Do things our way , or else.” Anyone think we aren’t living in a state of tyranny? Washington, Jefferson, Adams’es, Patrick Henry, etc., are likely rolling in their graves seeing what these commuNAZi’s are not proposing, but actually implementing. Keep your powder dry folks, or plan to “E
scape from NY.”
commented 2013-01-24 10:34:07 -0500 · Flag
[safe act ][do not release ] [reformed prisoner] [repeat offenders]
commented 2013-01-24 09:37:46 -0500 · Flag
Finally a NY Politician I can get behind. Wishing you all the best, Steve o!
commented 2013-01-23 10:19:33 -0500 · Flag
I hear Governor Cuomo is cutting 2000 mental health jobs? Seems he would rather blame the gun than deal with the real problem.
commented 2013-01-22 17:04:36 -0500 · Flag
Steve, You are our “beacon” of common sense when it comes to finding a solution to these violent acts perpetrated by INSANE people or in the case of William Spengler a CRIMINAL who was set free by the NYS Parole Board. Where is the “outrage” directed in THEIR direction? The issue of side effects of psychotropic drugs isn’t even mentioned in ANY of the discussion of this bill. Don’t want to upset “Big Pharma” do we “Il Duce”? They are BIG contributors of campaign dollars I’d wager? “Intelligence” and “responsibility” are strange words coming from a governor whose policies as HUD secretary contributed to the Freddie and Fannie FIASCO!
commented 2013-01-22 16:17:47 -0500 · Flag
As a law abiding citizen of NY I will not be doing anything to support this state where I have a choice. I urge all sportsmen not to buy any licenses this year for fishing or hunting.
commented 2013-01-22 14:21:58 -0500 · Flag
After reviewing that list it shows that pistols permits were to be renewed every 5 years. Then in parenthesis is says that isn’t required. I am reading the new law where statewide pistol permit renewal will be required. Am I missing something?
commented 2013-01-22 14:10:55 -0500 · Flag
Thank you, what else can we do to help?
commented 2013-01-22 14:10:02 -0500 · Flag
I want to thank you and every other Republican that took a stand on your position concerning this law. Anyone with common sense would know the gun grabbers had a chance and attacked law-abiding citizens with a vengeance. I could see it in their eyes and hear it in their words. This is a good start to more legislation one of them stated, while another said gun owners were akin to drunk drivers.

I think what many gun owners in NY are forgetting is one key word used in support of this new legislation. That word is “BAN.” When you say the word “BAN” with the word “REGISTRATION” the only recourse I have is to truly believe the end result of any new scheme is “CONFISCATION” of our so-called assault weapons. These politicians have set the stage by choosing to use this word in their platform.

On another note, I’ve always been a firm believer in the fact that when the state makes such inane restrictions on law abiding citizens as limiting the number of bullets in a handgun from 10 to 7 it makes many think twice about even wanting to deal with the insanity of it all. I know permit applications are up in most areas, but many of these people think they can simply strap a gun on and carry it anywhere they want with that permit. That isn’t the case especially if traveling onto school property(Class A felony now), going to visit a friend in the hospital, visiting the post office(even the sidewalk in front of the PO is considered Post Office property), going to the DMV, going onto any college campus, or even entering the building to pay your taxes at your Town Hall. Get caught with a handgun in any of these places and chances are real good that and your coveted permit you so respectfully paid and applied for will be revoked for life in this state, and you might very well be a convicted criminal as an end result. I would like to see some movement in the other direction on these laws. My wife is a teacher and she has basically been disarmed by NYS even though she possesses a CCW Permit. She can’t even lock a firearm in her vehicle to use after she leaves school grounds provided she has errands to run or shopping to do before coming home. Utah has the right idea, NY…not so much. All these laws tell me is MY GOVERNMENT doesn’t TRUST ME, therefore I DO NOT TRUST THEM.
commented 2013-01-22 12:22:24 -0500 · Flag
Thank you! I heard Cuomo’s making calls to the local Sheriff’s departments telling them to uphold his law. We need to follow those calls with our own telling them to uphold their oath to the Constitution.
commented 2013-01-22 11:11:28 -0500 · Flag
Thank you for standing up against this bill.
Steve McLaughlin for Assembly