“New York taxpayers are struggling to find work, retain their homes and send their children to college, yet we provide a tax credit to make yachts cheaper for the richest New Yorkers. Instead, we choose to tax the recreational middle-class boater that just wants to have fun with his family. It is estimated that around 65,000 boats were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. They were not yachts but recreational boats used by New York’s families. The governor has this backward. The tax exemption should’ve been on boats up to $230,000. Instead, he chose to reward billionaires and exempt all taxes on boats above $230,000.”

          “In no way could one justify that providing tax credits for expensive yachts creates jobs or provides the state with additional revenue. I am outraged and ashamed that this proposal was included in this year’s budget, and it only reinforces the ‘three men in a room’ mentality that has plagued Albany for decades. I refuse to vote for a budget bill that contains this kind of vitriol and disregard for the daily hardships of middle-class families in New York State. Obviously, the Assembly leadership and Gov. Cuomo care more about padding the pockets of their wealthy cronies than helping families keep their homes, parents find means to feed their families, or students realize their dreams by making college more affordable.”

Assemblyman McLaughlin represents the 107th district, which consists of parts of Rensselaer, Columbia and Washington counties. For more information,
please visit Assemblyman McLaughlin’s Official Website



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