“The education budget bill crafted by Gov. Cuomo and each house’s majority does nothing but leave our teachers at the mercy of the same state bureaucrats who crammed Common Core down our children’s throats. We have no idea how teacher evaluations will be weighted and we have alienated and abused one of our state’s greatest assets; good teachers. How is it that the state knows more about education policy than our teachers, students and parents? It is reprehensible that we are hanging the careers of teachers and the success of students on the same incompetent ideologues that forced Common Core into our classrooms.

          “For a governor who promised to be the most transparent in history, this bill and entire budget process have been anything but. After we are finished tonight, eight out of the 11 bills will have been rushed through with no public input and barely enough time to get printed before we voted on them. I am outraged that an ethics package would be included in such a horribly written and detrimental education bill that is impossible to vote for. Gov. Cuomo forced us to pass controversial legislation in the middle of the rather than allow this legislature and the people of New York the ability to properly vet and debate these important bills.”

Assemblyman McLaughlin represents the 107th district, which consists of parts of Rensselaer, Columbia and Washington counties. For more information,
please visit Assemblyman McLaughlin’s Official Website



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