McLaughlin joins growing list of lawmakers, editorial boards and other groups calling for Silver’s resignation

“During his time in leadership, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has orchestrated cover-ups and secret taxpayer funded settlements to facilitate the deplorable behavior of his members and members of his staff that have led to nine confirmed cases of sexual abuse or harassment (that we know of). After all these years, the speaker is now trying to placate the public and call for Assemblyman Vito Lopez to be expelled in an attempt to show that he’s fighting the problem. The plain truth is that Speaker Silver is the problem. Assembly Democrats have failed to grow a spine and vote him out, so it is clear that he must resign his speakership. 

“Over and over again, Speaker Silver has turned a blind eye toward corruption and has covered up multiple instances of sexual abuse and harassment, cover-ups that allowed more women to be abused and harassed because he did not discipline these sexual perverts the first time. In 2012, Speaker Silver used $103,000 of taxpayer money as “hush money” to pay off the victims of Mr. Lopez’ despicable behavior. This belies a disturbing record of negligence by the Speaker who, in 2001, attempted to shield his chief counsel, Michael Boxley, from sexual assault allegations that led to him being hauled out of the Capitol in handcuffs.

“Speaker Silver’s lack of action and enforcement makes him the enabler of Mr. Lopez. If anyone’s wife, mother, sister or daughter was sexually abused or harassed, wouldn’t they want both the abuser and the enabler fired immediately?

“Governor Cuomo’s inaction regarding Speaker Silver’s malfeasance is both offensive and alarming. If the governor truly cared about women or a “zero tolerance” policy, he would have immediately called for a Moreland Commission to independently investigate these shameful claims since the legislature is clearly unable to police itself. For the governor to claim that this is a wake up call to pass his “Women’s Equality Agenda” is equally as offensive and an extremist position. How would his equality agenda have helped the countless victims of sexual abuse and harassment at the hands of state legislators and their staff? The governor either has no control over the corruption happening under his watch or he is not taking these scandals seriously enough. Both possibilities are alarming.

“I once again call on Speaker Sheldon Silver to resign his speakership and urge Governor Cuomo to do the same. There aren’t enough laws in the world that could be enacted to clean up this mess in Albany. Until we drain the swamp, this will continue to be a regular occurrence at our state capitol.”

Assemblyman McLaughlin represents the 107th district, which consists of parts of Rensselaer, Columbia and Washington counties. For more information, please visit Assemblyman McLaughlin’s official website.


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