Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin (R,C,I - Schaghticoke) met with advocates of education reform earlier this week, following the defeat of legislation proposed by the Assembly Republicans (A.8844) in the Assembly Education Committee.  

McLaughlin, a sponsor of the legislation, supported its passage, which would have enacted a moratorium on Common Core testing for two years, allowing lawmakers and education experts the necessary time to review these new educational standards.


         “Our students and teachers deserve better than political posturing from the Assembly Democrats.  Following the outcry over the implementation of the Common Core curriculum earlier this year, we developed legislation to delay the Common Core testing requirements for two years so that we can have a real, open, and frank debate on the issue,” said McLaughlin.


         “Assembly Democrats proved once and for all that their cowardice knows no bounds.  They won’t even allow a bill that delays the enactment of an incredibly unpopular testing program to make it to the Assembly floor for an up or down vote.  The Common Core curriculum supported by the Assembly Democrats is not in the best interests of our students, and I will continue to oppose it.”


         McLaughlin hosted a forum on Common Core reform.  He listened and received first-hand input from students, teachers, parents, and administrators.  This bill reflected the desperately needed curriculum and testing changes for students and teachers.  


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