“I’m glad to see that Attorney General Schneiderman has his priorities straight. After regulations increased for nail salons under Gov. Cuomo’s direction, a political non-sequitur, I’m starting to think the AG is taking pointers from the governor. Thousands of New Yorkers are out of work, several members of the legislature have been indicted on corruption charges, heroin overdoses are killing our children, but the AG has chosen to focus on banning fantasy sports gambling. This is absolutely ridiculous.

          “How can New York be ‘Open for Business,’ as Cuomo proclaims, when we alienate and destroy successful businesses that try to set up shop in our state? This is the epitome of a nanny-state and the AG should immediately reconsider his action.

            “It is quite possible that the autocrats who make these decisions are worried about losing campaign contributions and state revenue from the casino developers they gift-wrapped multi-million dollar projects for. This is one of the reasons the public, in large part, detests government and its inside baseball rules. These politicians can’t let anything happen unless they get their slice of the pie. Surely, the state has a right to tax winnings generated from gambling but it should go through the same legislative process as every other law with proper time allocated for vetting and debate. I hope the AG and Gov. Cuomo are proud of themselves; they just killed any potential for new jobs, increased tax revenue and pushed away a billion-dollar industry that wanted to operate in our state.”  

Assemblyman McLaughlin represents the 107th district, which consists of parts of Rensselaer, Columbia and Washington counties. For more information,
please visit Assemblyman McLaughlin’s Official Website



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