“Gov. Cuomo’s newly-established task force to overhaul Common Core is filled with the same cronies and myopic bureaucrats who slammed Common Core down our throats in the first place. I am frustrated, but not surprised, at his tiresome and repeated tactic of packing a commission with yes men and allies to produce favorable results in an effort to mitigate his plummeting poll numbers. Let’s be clear on this, the governor does not care about the educational concerns of parents, teachers and students, nearly as much as he cares about his diving poll numbers and waning aspirations for a higher political office. Judging by the governor’s past experiences with commissions, he will likely use this panel as a scapegoat to dodge responsibility for the implementation of Common Core which he fully supported mere months ago. How can Gov. Cuomo call this a ‘total reboot’ when he has packed this panel with many of the same individuals that sat on his previously dysfunctional commissions?

          “It is beyond irresponsible and insulting to thousands of students, parents and teachers to create a Common Core task force and purposely leave out members of the education community who are dealing with these issues on the front lines. How is it sound policy to headline a re-evaluation task force with Richard Parsons and MaryEllen Elia, when they have fully supported the disastrous Common Core Standards from the beginning? The governor is toying with our children’s education for his own personal political gain; clearly a class act.”   

Assemblyman McLaughlin represents the 107th district, which consists of parts of Rensselaer, Columbia and Washington counties. For more information,
please visit Assemblyman McLaughlin’s Official Website



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