“I am honored and humbled by the confidence Independence Party voters placed in me Tuesday as their write-in candidate for State Assembly. The landslide victory was historic -- only once before has a candidate won an Independence Party write-in primary for an Assembly seat.

          “I was a little too independent for the downstate party bosses and the powerful people who control them, but independent voters deserve a choice. Their voices were heard Tuesday.

          “I believe it’s important to have someone in Albany who’s not afraid to speak up against the powerful special interests, someone who will fight against corruption and not be part of it, and someone who will look out for students and parents when bureaucrats refuse to. It’s a privilege to serve and I look forward to continuing to represent the many great people and communities of the 107th Assembly District regardless of party.”

Assemblyman McLaughlin represents the 107th district, which consists of parts of Rensselaer, Columbia and Washington counties. For more information,
please visit Assemblyman McLaughlin’s campaign website.

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Steve McLaughlin for Assembly